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Is the ending of Mr. Brooks (2007) an open one?

The movie Mr. Brooks (2007) ends with the main character, Brooks, having a nightmare of his daughter killing him, confirming his fear of her becoming more and more like him. After which Mr. Brooks ...
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How do Mr. Brooks and Marshall have a conversation without alerting the surrounding people?

In The thriller Mr Brooks, Mr. Brooks and Marshall (who is an imaginary character and only visible to Mr. Brooks) are always having conversations besides Mr. Smith in car, but Mr. Smith never asked Mr....
3 votes
1 answer

How did Mr Brooks get rid of Smith's deposit box's content?

In the graveyard scene, Mr. Brooks tells Mr. Smith (Balford) that the content of his safety deposit box has vanished. How did he get rid of that content to make sure no one knows about the pictures ...
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What happens to Jane's BMW in Mr.Brooks?

In Mr.Brooks, what happens to Jane's BMW? When Earl asked about the BMW she replied, A friend's going to drive it up. It'll be here next weekend. Again, when the cops asked about the BMW she ...
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Why does Mr. Brooks call Atwood?

Recently I've watched the movie named Mr.Brooks. It was a wonderful movie with lots of twists and it certainly has its fair share of suspense and violence. But I don't understand, Why does Mr. Brooks ...