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Why is Kaa evil in almost every single adaption of the Jungle Books?

In nearly every adaption of the Jungle Books Kaa the snake is evil and attempts to kill and eat Mowgli. Is there a specific reason for why directors/writers of the movies try to turn Kaa evil, in ...
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Which Live action The Jungle Book adaptation is more faithful to Kipling's novel?

Which Live action The Jungle Book movie adaptation is more faithful to Kipling's novel? I always heard some claims that Disney animated film was not a faithful adaptation and made more into kid ...
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Why is the Mother Wolf named Nisha in Netflix's Mowgli?

I'm watching Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle on Netflix, and I noticed that the Mother Wolf who adopts Mowgli is named "Nisha." Best I can tell, Kipling's book names her Raksha, as in this exchange ...
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Why are two such similar movies being made at the same time?

Everybody perhaps knows of Jon Favreau's movie The Jungle Book which is going to be released in 2016. But quite recently I learned (and to my utter surprise) that another Jungle book movie is coming ...
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