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To be used for general questions about the intricacies of franchises spanning multiple movies. Not to be used for questions about a specific movie and its franchise.

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Does the ageing theme in Skyfall contradict the rebooting of the Bond franchise?

At the start of the rebooted series, in Casino Royale, we see Bond gain his 00 status, and through that film and Quantum of Solace Bond goes on his 'first' adventure. Skyfall continues this 'firsts' ...
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Have there been other cinematic crossovers like the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

I know this has been covered very similarly in this question, but as opposed to just cross-overs, have there been other attempts at creating a cinematic universe? Freddy vs Jason, Aliens vs Predator, ...
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What was the first movie sequel?

I was looking at boxofficemojo's stats on the Superman series and observing that with inflation, the first Superman movie was huge for its time, and probably why it spawned some sequels - rare for ...
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What is the Chinese Mythology Cinematic Universe?

In posters such as the below, the theatrical release of "Ne Zha" (2019) was promoted in English-speaking markets as "a must-see in the Chinese Mythology Cinematic Universe". But what actually is the ...
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Has a movie from a movie series ever been removed/retconned due to fan/general outcry?

A petition to strike the events of Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi (2017) from the main Star Wars timeline that is going around online has made me wonder if there has ever been a retcon/...
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Why is the production team making prequels of X-Men rather than sequels?

I am a die-hard fan of the X-Men animated series X-Men Evolution and I also like the X-Men Movie Trilogy In addition to the main trilogy there are two more movies (X-Men Origins: Wolverine and X-Men: ...
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Is Skyfall preparing the ground to some major change in the franchise?

In Skyfall, they send a hint that there could be some major changes to the Bond franchise, or even possible a final episode. For instance: For the first time 007 appears getting old Q is now a ...
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Plot summaries for the other two movies related to Moon

Moon, the 2009 British science fiction drama film directed by Duncan Jones, is suppose to be the first in a "trilogy of films set in the same fictional universe." What are the plot summaries for the ...
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Is Final Destination 5 the last final destination movie? [closed]

In Final Destination 5, the last 2 survivors happens to be on the plane that crashed in the first movie. It also shows all the killing scenes from previous movies after the movie. Does it mean that ...
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Simultaneous, competing co-productions of the same movie?

Looking into how Marvel and DC have been trying to set up 'Shared Universes' longer than most people realise, I found out that an earlier attempt at a Batman vs. Superman film was mooted because the ...
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LotR and Hobbit - one series or two?

In Wikipedia, it is stated that The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit are two different film series. However, the film series itself is described as "a collection of related films in succession that ...
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Phillip Marlowe: How many films?

I recently attended a 24 Hour Film-Noir-A-Thon, which was brilliant (if not a little exhausting), and talking to some of the other patrons they were discussing the lack of Philip Marlowe movies, him ...
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Do successful franchises always have humans? [closed]

I was wondering if there is any successful franchise completely without humans or human-like protagonists. Is this only made for identification reasons or are there other reasons (execpt low budget)?...
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Has there ever been a sequel that has been scrapped and remade after release? [duplicate]

There has been a lot of talk recently about The Last Jedi being hated, so much so that there are individuals that want to strike it from Star Wars canon and remake it. Regardless of what you think of ...
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Is the Frankenstein franchise antisemitic?

At a glance Frankenstein seems quite anti-semitic: The name "Frankenstein" is a very Jewish name. The creator is Dr - a common Jewish profession. The townsfolk (symbolised by pitchfork {ei. farmers -...
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