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2017 American psychological horror film by director Darren Aronofsky, starring Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem, Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer.

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Yellow substance being consumed

In the film mother!, Jennifer Lawrence's character is seen drinking some kind of yellow substance several times. She pours it from what looks like an old bottle into a glass of water, then drinks it. ...
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What was the Publisher character trying to be a symbol of in "Mother!"?

You may see the movie "Mother!". I've gotten confused about the symbolism of the Publisher character. If we consider the writer as God, so his publishers would be the prophets because the prophets ...
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Symbolism in the film "Mother!"

I was wondering what the movie is trying to tell us. In Wikipedia I found that the film is an allegory: "It depicts the rape and torment of Mother Earth ... I represent Mother Earth; Javier, whose ...
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Why is Eve portrayed as manipulative and outright rude?

In Mother! (2017), if I am not wrong Michelle Pfeiffer's character is supposed to be Eve. Why is she shown to be as she is in the movie? I didn't understand her motives and her interaction with "...
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What is Zealot doing to the guests who barged into the house?

In Mother! Zealot asks guests to pin their thoughts on the wall and he sticks ink on their face with his thumbs. What is Zealot doing to the guests who barged into the house?
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What is the yellow drink Jennifer Lawrence had in Mother!? [duplicate]

In the movie Mother!, Jennifer Lawrence kept drinking a golden colour drink that looks like the powder she used to paint the walls in the beginning of the movie. When she got pregnant she threw the ...
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What is the meaning of "Mother" movie? [duplicate]

I have watched the famous "Mother" movie and I know the movie is symbolic to human creation and humanity disaster. But what is the message behind the movie? What was the director willing to inform us?
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