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Monsters, Inc. is a computer-animated film directed by Pete Docter, released in 2001.

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Any meaning in the 23-19 code in Monster's Inc

In the movie Monster's Inc they shout the code 23-19 whenever someone gets human related objects on them. This happens 3 times in the film. All 3 instances have a white sock as one of the objects that ...
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Why does Mike Wazowski correct Randall's insult of 'cretin' to 'Cretan'?

The scene in question can be found here. Transcript: Randall: 'Wazowski! Where is it you little one-eyed cretin?' Mike: 'Okay, first of all it's "Cretan", if you're going to threaten me, do ...
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What did Mike Wazowski's paperwork consist of?

There was most likely a good reason for Roz to keep saying "ya didn't file your paperwork last night". I'm guessing the paperwork is for accountability and reporting reasons. Mike's ...
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Did Mike and Sully meet in 4th grade?

In Monsters, Inc., about 7 minutes in, Mike says to Sully "You've been jealous of my good looks since the 4th grade, pal". Is this a figure of speech or did Mike and Sully know each other in 4th grade?...
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How does Mike get back from the Himalayas in Monsters Inc?

When Sully and Mike are banished to the Himalayas they discover the closest village is a three-day hike away. Sully uses a sledge to get there quickly, then uses a child's closet door to return to the ...
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Why is Sulley the only monster in the Monsters Inc films to have a nose?

I've watched these Monster films with my kids many times as it's their fav, and something had always bothered me about the characters. It wasn't until today that I spotted it. None of the monsters ...
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What characters in Monsters Inc. have cameos in Monsters University?

I loved Monsters University, but it was such a complex movie that I had trouble catching all of the characters from Monsters Inc. For instance, George Sanderson, the 'sock' guy from the first film, is ...
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Why would Randall be out of a job?

In Monsters Inc. Boo fights back against Randall and gives Sulley a chance to grab him by the throat and restrain him. Boo roars at Randall as Sulley holds him and Sulley says something like: She'...
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