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Film adaptation of the Michael Lewis's 2003 book of the same name,based on Oakland Athletics baseball team's 2002 season and their general manager Billy Beane's.

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Can somebody explain this quote from movie Moneyball?

I watched movie Moneyball yet again and this quote from movie caught my attention. Can somebody explain this? You get on base, we win. You don't, we lose. And I hate losing, Chavy. I hate it. I hate ...
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Was Brad Pitt's '50 feet of crap' line in Moneyball a reference to Jennifer Aniston's in Friends?

In Friends S02E01 (from 1995), Rachel is sad because Ross has a new girlfriend, as she is discussing with Joey: Joey: How're you doing? Rachel: I'm okay. Joey: Ooh, that bad, huh? ...
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What does Billy Beane mean by "Yankees are paying half your salary"?

Here is the dialogue between Billy and David in Moneyball: Billy Beane: You think you're special? David Justice: Well, you are paying me 8 million dollars a year, so yeah. Billy Beane: No, no. We ...
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music used in The Social Network AND Moneyball [closed]

There is a song used in both movies, it occurs towards the beginning of each movie around the time that both parties make a "breakthrough". In Moneyball, the music plays when Jonah Hill's character ...
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Why is she calling him a loser?

In the very last scene of Moneyball (2011), Billy listens to song that his daughter recorded for him while driving in his car. She changed the lyrics in the end, singing You're such a loser, dad, ...
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