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Was Bernie selling out Caspar or not?

The movies starts with Caspar accusing Bernie. The movie story is IMO so complex, I do not recall seeing scenes/clues for the answer and could not find via web search: Is there a moment when it ...
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Is the first scene in Miller's Crossing a parody or homage of the first scene in The Godfather?

In the first scene of the movie The Godfather we see a supplicant ask Vito Corleone (the capo del capo) for a favour. In the first scene of Miller's Crossing we see something similar where a junior ...
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What is the significance of the hat in Miller's crossing?

Miller's crossing pays a lot of attention to Gabriel Byrne's hat. Does it symbolize anything in the movie or have any significance to the plot or is this a bit of a red herring?
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