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1927 Film by Fritz Lang. The ruling elite replace a working class heroine with a robot to try to maintain their dominance of a dystopian future city..

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Why does the thin man want Josephus to leave his apartment

In Metropolis (1927), Joh Fredersen orders his bodyguard/spy, called only The Thin Man in the movie, to shadow his son, Freder. He tracks the boy to the apartment of Josaphat, Joh Fredersen's former ...
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Why does Maria flee the flashlight beam?

In the first section of Fritz Lang's "Metropolis," the mad scientist, Rotwang, descends into catacombs under the workers' city to capture their moral leader, Maria. He easily succeeds, ...
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Does Metropolis advocate for Social Democracy?

Metropolis (1927) talks about the importance of a mediator between the hand and the head. In the movie the head is the capitalists and the hand is the workers. A core aspect of Social Democracy and ...
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How did they get this shot in Metropolis?

How were the shots of the runners running towards the camera captured in Fritz Lang's Metropolis? Here's the shot: Was a dolly used? If it was, would it have been mounted on wheels only or would they ...
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Why did Hel get cut from the American version of Metropolis?

In the American cut of Metropolis the mentioning of Hel is completely removed from the movie. But it pretty much explains Dr. Rotwangs actions. Why was such an important story-element taken away?
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