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Questions tagged [men-in-black-3]

The third film in the Men in Black movie series. It was released in 2012.

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Why was this character still alive in the alternate timeline in MiB 3?

In the third Men in Black movie agent J finds himself in an altered timeline, one in which agent K was killed by Borris. What I am wondering is why wasn’t J himself also dead in this timeline? We ...
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Where was J's mom in MIB 3?

I know the little boy in Men in Black 3 was J and it's implied that K raised him. I was fine with that implication until I asked myself... "why didn't J's mother just raise him?" So, my question is,...
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Meaning and influence of the tip at the end of Men In Black 3?

I know many things did not make sense in Men In Black 3 but the last scene where griffin is eating pie and notices K did not give a tip and looks up to see a meteor and as soon as K remembers and ...
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How can agent J be a member of MIB when K was killed by Boris

In Men In Black, Agent K recruits Agent J. However, in Men In Black 3, K was killed by Boris in the past, and next morning, J was still a part of MIB. How can it be possible? K recruited J and K was ...
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What changes Agent K to be happier? [duplicate]

In the last scene at the diner in Men in Black 3 Agent K is humming a tune that is playing. Agent J is confused how he knows the song. What changed? What makes Agent K happier now than he used to be?
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Are the Men In Black movies an example of spiritual growth?

Are these movies an example of--or a type of playbook for--spiritual growth? The first movie forces J (Will Smith) to shed the reality of People; to let go of the world he knew. The second movie ...
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What happened to Agent K to make him so grumpy and emotionless?

After seeing Men in Black III, I still don't understand why K became such a cranky, stoical figure. It is a question even Agent J was puzzled about!
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7 votes
1 answer

What changed K's experience?

In MIB3, the proposed explanation for K's lack of emotion and human interaction can be traced to the happening at Cape Canaveral. When J goes back to change the otherwise altered past, K comes out ...
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2 answers

Why does K grab a gun before the past is changed?

After J hangs up on K in a phone argument, K opens his arsenal, chooses a weapon, sits in his chair and then disappears. IMHO, K seems to know what is about to happen, but arming himself appears ...
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Is Agent J son of the Cop who died at the end

I watched Men In Black 3 (2012). Here as Griffin (the man who could see future) told that someone should have to die, if it's not Agent K, then it would be someone else. Exactly according to it, a ...
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14 votes
2 answers

Why couldn't the humans ask an alien species to launch the ArcNet Shield?

In Men in Black 3, K has to travel from MiB HQ all the way to the Apollo 11 space launch then deal with all the inherent problems of getting the ArcNet pendant onto the Launch Escape System. ...
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10 votes
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Is K unfaithful too his youth love / love interest from MiB in MiB 3?

In the first Men In Black movie it is made quite clear that K is still in love with the girl he left behind which he had to abandon to be a Man In Black. But in MiB he flirts heavily with Agent O, ...
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What did Griffin show the Colonel to convince him in Men in Black 3?

I'm wondering what exactly is shown to the Colonel by Griffin near the end of Men in Black 3 (MIB3)? I don't remember exactly what the Colonel answered when J asked him what he saw, but it was pretty ...
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4 answers

How is Agent J able to get the time-travel device in Men in Black 3?

In Men in Black 3, Agent J (Will Smith) goes to see Jeffrey Price in the electronics store to obtain the time-travel device built by Price's father that J can then use to travel back to 1969 to avert ...
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19 votes
4 answers

Why is J the only person who remembers K?

I just saw Men in Black 3 yesterday and it seems like they have a very half baked theory to the entire time travel plot. Why can only Agent J remember K correctly? As in - why can only he remember ...
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Why did the time machine work different for J?

Towards the end of the film, J decides to use the time machine to gain an advantage over Boris. However, unlike before, when he time jumps he comes back into his body that was in 1969 before he made ...
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