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How old is Matilda supposed to be?

In Roald Dahl's Matilda the Musical (2022), Matilda is played by Alisha Weir. How old is Matilda supposed to be in the movie? Alisha Weir was born Sep 2009 so would've been 13 when the movie was ...
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Did Harry Wormwood misgender Miss Trunchbull?

During Matilda the Musical (2022), Harry Wormwood describes selling a car made from two wrecked vehicles to "a bear of a man" (scene index 29:52). Was he referring to the car that he sold to ...
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Why did the Wormwoods move to Guam?

Towards the end of "Matilda" (1996), when the Wormwoods come to pick up Matilda from Miss Honey's House, they say they are moving to Guam to escape the FBI since they have been caught. But why Guam? ...
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