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Did Strange Supreme's power accruing scene include any significant cameo?

In What If...? episode four, when Dr. Strange was trying to acquire powers from other beings and became Strange Supreme, do any of those beings have any significance in reference to the Marvel comics?
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Is Branch a timeline or a universe?

In "What if...?" I learnt that you could have two timelines in one universe. Honestly, this only made me more confused with the MCU than I already am. I don't know what is a timeline and ...
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Is there any significance to the "C-15" seen in What If episode 1?

In What If...? episode 1, the non-super-solder Steve Rogers ends up as the pilot of a proto-Iron Man suit built by Howard Stark. The suit has "C-15" painted on its left breast, and a star ...
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Why is the timeline so different in the episode 2 of “What If...?”?

In the episode 1 of What If...?, the story follows the same events as in the first Captain America movie, but with Peggy Carter as Captain Carter. The other characters have the same roles until the ...
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Why has the Time Variance Authority not intervened in the events of "What if...?"?

My understanding is that there were no multiverses going in parallel to the main timeline events of "Captain America", and multiverses started to branch after Kang died in the "Loki&...
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