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A genre which contains numerous martial arts fights between characters.

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What are the dangers in performing a stunt involving flying and spinning arm bars?

I recently watched Birth of the Dragon and absolutely loved it. In the movie, Master Wong performs a movement in which he performs a very cinematically pleasing flying arm bar with spinning involved (...
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What is that fight move where one hammers both sides of someone's head? [closed]

There's a fight move in film and TV where one person uses both hands, usually as fists, to strike both sides of their opponent's head simultaneously. This is almost always portrayed as a special move, ...
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Kung-fu movie about a monastery forming fighters with a painful final test [closed]

I watched in France a kung-fu movie in the early 80's (I believe) of which I do not remember much except one specific scene. The movie was part of the trend "a more or less random guy is taught kung-...
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What are all the martial arts styles seen in the Ip Man movies?

I know the Ip Man series has 3 parts, and in each film there are different types of martial arts shown. One of them that name I remember is Wing chun. Can someone help me and name all the types of ...
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Old-school Chinese martial arts movie identification (involving monks and poles) [closed]

I am looking for a Chinese martial arts old-school movie. At the end, the protagonist (portrayed by Jackie Chan, IIRC) battles against a horde of monks, presumably to be admitted to or graduated from ...
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How are the sound effects of the Shaw brothers martial art movies produced?

Beforehand I admit I like those old martial art movies from the Shaw Brothers. Recently looking "Five Element Ninjas" after a long time I noticed that the sound effects are very distinct from the now ...
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What was the first martial arts movie where someone plucked out an eye?

In the Kill Bill movies, Pai Mei and The Bride each pluck out one of Elle's eyes. In Five Fingers of Death (1972), one of the characters has his eye plucked out in the same fashion. Is Five Fingers ...
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What's with the "wobbly" swords in Chinese martial arts movies?

In various martial arts movies set in China, we see swords that are "wobbly" (for lack of a better term). Sometimes the effect is subtle, visible only if you pay attention to the moment when two ...
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Kung fu movie which ends by alien pierced on a pole and his blood is liquid metal? [closed]

I just remembered I saw a king-fu/martial arts movie when I was a kid (now I am 29) where the hero searches to uncover some secret and ends up accidentaly killing an alien, who looks like a human when ...
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Looking for a martial arts movie [closed]

From what I remember about it: 1980-2000 man saves woman from getting robbed at an ATM man gets recruited by wrestling/ultimate fighting organization man refuses mind-control steroids father of saved ...
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What is this bullet-dodging martial arts movie? [closed]

As a kid I watched a movie that was my dads. All I remember from it was there was some kind of (potentially reluctant) hero / anti hero. He's trying to shoot an (Asian?) guy who could dodge the ...
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Female lead learns martial arts from an android [closed]

Looking for an older most likely 1990's science fiction movie that has a female lead who learns martial arts from an android. I remember the movie was set in post apocalyptic world and had a bit of a ...
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Did Keanu Reeves actually know martial arts when he acted for the movie "The Matrix"?

Did Keanu Reeves actually know martial arts when he acted for the movie "The Matrix"? If no, how did he act in the movie? Does he actually know any kind of Martial Arts?
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Is the martial arts choreography in the 2010 remake of Karate Kid realistic?

I am looking for an authoritative reference that supports either the plausibility or implausibility of the moves and techniques used by Jaden Smith / Jackie Chan in the remake of the Karate Kid. It's ...
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What is the purpose behind "wax on, wax off" in Karate Kid?

In The Karate Kid, his first lesson is cleaning and waxing his masters car. His master tells him to "wax on, wax off". Is the purpose of this simply to teach him the value of hard work?
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Trying to identify a martial arts movie, I thought it was called "The Golden Arrow" [closed]

Hi I'm trying to identify a martial arts movie, I thought it was called "The Golden Arrow". I saw it sometime in the early 90s I can't remember all that much, but the scene I remember is when the ...
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