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2011 American drama about the events in an investment bank during 36 hours on the eve of the 2007 financial crisis. Written and directed by J. C. Chandor.

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Why does Peter Sullivan do anything or report the firm's risky position?

In the movie Margin Call (2011), Peter Sullivan who is a Risk Analyst (not a partner or major investor in the firm), after being given a thumb drive with some data, discovers late at night (once ...
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Why did the investment bank begin firing employees by sacking their top quant and head of risk management?

In Margin Call (2011), Eric Dale is portrayed as a very competent quantitative analyst (and engineer "by trade") with 20-years experience in the firm. He seems to have come up with his own novel ...
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Why is Eric Dale brought back to the firm for just one day?

In the movie Margin Call (2011), once the firm realizes that they need to sell all their derivatives before the market crashes, they pressure Eric Dale (the analyst who was originally looking into ...
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Why did employees get fired before the big recession?

In the movie Margin Call, the opening scene showed people were being fired. In the consequent scene, Kevin Spacey, in his little pep talk says that 80% of your peers were let go. In the later part of ...
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Is it a real life financial institution that appeared in the movie Margin Call?

In the movie Margin Call, I am wondering if this unnamed investment bank was real? As it was inspired by a true story.
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Why did Eric Dale still have the pen drive after his termination?

In the movie Margin Call (2011), we see Eric Dale give a pen drive carrying the data he was working on, to Peter before the lift door closes. Earlier we see during his termination discussion session, ...
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What does Will want to say with his response to Eric's bridge analogy?

During the devastating events in Margin Call there is a conversation between Will and Eric Dale whom Will has come to convince into returning to the company after having previously been fired. Eric ...
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Significance of Sam Roger's dog references?

In 2011's Margin Call, what is the significance of the recurring references to Sam Roger's (Kevin Spacey) dog? Edit (fleshing out question): Does he have the dog put down? He does mention that it is ...
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