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How does Frank enter/break into the Hill/Los Alamos base?

In S01E13, Frank confesses to various crimes. In early S02, Frank is shown jailed (somewhere possibly in Texas) and subject for months to torture, food deprivation, and "Tosa" (some sort of ...
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What is Lazar's official position?

Lazar is a (Russian-origin?) scientist who operates off-base at some location called "Icarus outpost". He is a bit of a mad scientist and seems to run his own experiments. What is his ...
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How did Frank figure out Jim was a spy?

In the season 2 finale of Manhattan Paul tells Frank to call Jim's mother to prove to Frank that Jim is a spy. How does did this prove that Jim is the spy? I'm guessing I missed or forgot about some ...
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Why does Helen throw away Theodore's letter for Frank?

In S01E07 of Manhattan, Helen and Charlie travel to a nuclear reactor. There they meet Theodore Sinclair. With him they solve some crisis at the reactor. Shortly after, Theodore gives Helen a letter ...
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Why was there a swastika in the flashbacks?

In episode 4 of Manhattan, Frank Winter has a flashback while walking alone through the desert at night. He sees a dead German soldier lying on his stomach. On the back of the helmet there is a ...
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