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Malcolm in the Middle is an American sitcom TV series created by Linwood Boomer for Fox Broadcasting Company, and stars Frankie Muniz in the lead role of Malcolm. It ran for seven seasons from January 9, 2000 to May 14, 2006.

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What was the relationship between Steve, Fischer, and Fischer's sister?

In S3E10 "Lois' Makeover", Lois starts wearing heavy makeup after a poor performance review. However, at the end of the episode, a man sees her in the parking lot and asks "How much? Is ...
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In Malcolm in the Middle, why doesn't Lois buy boxer shorts for Malcolm?

In this scene in Malcolm in the Middle, Malcom asks Lois to buy him boxer shorts and Lois refuses. However, in other episodes, Reese is clearly wearing boxer shorts: Why did Lois refuse to buy boxers ...
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What was the name of anime in the opening of Malcolm in the middle? [closed]

What was the name of the anime showcased in the opening of Malcolm in the Middle?
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How could Hal fire his own boss in "Company Picnic"?

In the Malcolm in the Middle episode "Company Picnic", Hal was nervous to meet his new boss at the company picnic, but when they met everything went well. Surprisingly, the new boss called him a ...
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Why is Reese allowed to have dyed hair on Malcom in the Middle?

On the show, it's well established that Lois is a very overbearing mother who, if she doesn't like something doesn't allow it. Many episodes revolve around her irrationally forbidding one of her sons ...
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Why were there so many guest appearances in this Malcolm in the Middle two-parter?

In Season 3 Episodes 11 & 12 Company Picnic we see a large number of guest appearances: Terry Bradshaw Tom Green Christina Ricci Heidi Klum Howie Long Patrick Warburton Susan Sarandon Stephen ...
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Does Jane Kaczmarek actually whistle in "Mrs. Tri-County"?

In the finale to season 6 of Malcolm in the Middle, Lois whistles impressively on stage. I can't seem to find a credit for who actually did the whistling: was it recorded (and from whom), or does the ...
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