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American web-series from Netflix, based on Marvel Comic's superhero of the same name. Set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and will lead up to The Defenders crossover miniseries.

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3 answers

Did the current Marvel TV Shows have to change plans because of the "Infinity War" fallout?

Season 5 of Agents of Shield is currently airing, Season 2 of Luke Cage comes out this June and Season 3 of Daredevil is also expected to be released later this year. Since what happens at the end ...
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How strong are Jessica and Luke?

In Jessica Jones, and the upcoming Luke Cage spin off, how strong are they, objectively? Jessica can obviously be hurt by a gun shot, while Luke can take a power saw to the gut, so they both have ...
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Are there any other references to Gang Starr lyrics in Luke Cage dialog?

All of the Luke Cage season 1 episode titles are Gang Starr song titles. In season 1, episode 9 "DWYCK", there is a scene where the police psychologist evaluating Misty Knight gives her a can of ...
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7 votes
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Is Netflix's Luke Cage inconsistent?

In Marvel's The Defenders (TV Series 2017– ), Luke Cage (aka Power Man) can withstand gunfire and Danny Rand's punches and kicks (except Iron Fist). He can break metal weapons too. From his own season,...
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Is this scene in Luke Cage a Godfather homage/reference?

There is a brief shot in the final episode of Luke Cage Season 2 where Luke has taken over Harlem's Paradise and Misty Knight looks back at him. It immediately struck me that this shot was remarkably ...
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"Me say war", Luke Cage season 2, is this just "Movie language"?

I just paused Luke Cage season 2, at 32:33 into episode 6. Without spoiling the content, 2 Jamaican men were talking and in response to a prompt, one of them said: "Me say war". It wasn't a response ...
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Does Comanche have romantic feelings for Shades?

In either episode 6 or 7 of Luke Cage, Shades and Comanche sit in the barber shop and talk about old times and Shades keeps repeating "inside was inside." Reading into the scene, it seems that they ...
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What exactly happened to Luke Cage in that experiment after which he got his powers?

In the episode of Marvel's Luke Cage the process of him getting his extraordinary strength and powers isn't really explained well. He is immersed in an electrical setup involving a certain mixture of ...
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Why does Luke appear in Jessica Jones and Jessica doesn't appear in Luke Cage?

Having watched both series, with their release dates being: Marvel's Jessica Jones - November 20, 2015 Marvel's Luke Cage - September 30, 2016 Luke appears in multiple Jessica Jones episodes and ...
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Where does Luke Cage get the smart phone he uses?

In episode 2 or 3 of Luke Cage, he is asking around town if anyone has seen a lad, showing a picture of him on a fairly large/newish Android smart phone. But Luke is struggling to find cash for rent, ...
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Are there live-action filming restrictions that prevent the Netflix Marvel Universe characters from appearing in Disney+ shows?

First, Iron Fist was canceled after its second season. Luke Cage was likewise canceled after its second season, Now, Daredevil has been canceled shortly after releasing its third season, which got me ...
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Why was Ddub unhappy with Luke at the end?

In the season 2 finale of Luke Cage, back in the barbershop, why is Ddub unhappy with Luke pushing out all the mob bosses from Harlem? Why does he threat to buy Pop's place and end up doing so?
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