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Why didn't they hold the high ground?

In Lone Survivor, why didn't they just hold the high ground up the mountain and call for an extraction? It seems like a critical mistake to move down the ridge and have all the Taliban above their ...
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How realistic is Lone Survivor when a soldier pulls a gun on a friendly pilot?

In a scene from Lone Survivor shortly after a soldier on the second helicopter pulls a gun on his own pilot, telling him to land despite the area clearly being a hot landing zone with a lot of gun ...
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"Been around the world twice, talked to everyone once" - "push" meaning

What is the meaning of "push" in the context of his speech because I'm seeing that on the french subtitle it mean "baise" ?
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Why didn't they take their prisoners to the extraction point?

In Lone Survivor, why didn't they just take their prisoners up the mountain and call for extract? It seems a critical mistake - had they taken the prisoners with them, they could let them go at the ...
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Were the soldiers wearing body armors in Lone survivor (2013)?

I just saw the Lone Survivor (2013) movie. Greate scenes, actors, theme and director! Very very emotional film. Most of scenes seems very realistic. But, please, does anybody know if the soldiers ...
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