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For questions relating to the Disney+ TV series of 2021 (Season 1) and 2023 (Season 2) based on a Marvel Comics character of the same name.

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What is the significance of Loki and Mobius eating green pie in the TVA?

In Loki Season 2, there's a scene where Loki and Mobius eat green pie in the TVA. This happens right after they try to get information from X-5 (Brad Wolfe) without success. Why is the green pie ...
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Do the Avengers inadvertently cause (planned) timeline prunings in Endgame?

Because Loki became a variant as a direct consequence of the Avengers' (albeit bungled) meddling in one timeline, it stands to reason those timelines would end up pruned, as they diverge from the &...
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Is there a mistake in the flags shown at the World's Fair?

In Season 2, Episode 3, Loki travels to 1893. At a fair in Chicago, the Russian flag is visible. But the Russian flag appeared later AFAIK. Some other flags are wrong too. Was this a mistake?
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Why doesn't Loki revert to his true form while in the TVA?

In Loki episode 1, it is said that: Magic powers? They're no good in the TVA, Mr. Laufeyson. How come Loki is in human form throughout his time in the TVA, then, as he is actually (genetically) a ...
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Did the TVA exist before the events of Endgame & Infinity War?

In the Disney+ Streaming TV Series, Loki, viewers are introduced to a new organization called the TVA (Time Variance Authority). It is first purposed that that the TVA has created/converged one ...
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Why did He Who Remains choose Loki as a possible successor?

To me, Loki seems to be the worst possible choice for the job, so why did He Who Remains choose Loki in the finale of the show Loki to be his possible successor?
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Did the Disruption of Sacred Timeline happen during the events of Endgame or after it?

In the Loki series, it is shown that TVA captures Loki after he flees from Stark tower when Avengers were trying to get hold of the tesseract and all the story the follows through after it. In the ...
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How did 'He who remains' manage to live for so long?

As we know, humans have a limited lifetime but as described in the Loki TV series, 'He who Remains' was managing the various timelines through TVA and he mentioned that he was living at the end of ...
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What did Sylvie do to attract the attention of the Time Variance Authority?

We learn in the Loki series that so-called "variants" attract the attention of the Time Variance Authority by acting in a way that threatens a diversion from the "Sacred Timeline". ...
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How do the different variants of Loki have different timelines? [closed]

I am confused about how many variants there are in Loki. Do they all exist in multiple universes? How does a nexus event force them to be pruned?
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What does "And that’s the gambit!" mean?

In Loki episode 6, we hear He Who Remains say: ... You came to kill the devil, right? (CHUCKLES) Well, guess what? I keep you safe. And if you think I’m evil, well, just wait till you meet my ...
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Why could Mobius M. Mobius not recognise Loki? [closed]

In the end of Loki S1 E6, Mobius M. Mobius was not able to recognise Loki. Why is it so?
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Who was the captain of the ship that was pruned in Loki episode 5

We see a ship appearing to be from around the 1800s or so landing the void near Alison, the camera focuses on the captain as if he was some kind of important historic figure Who was it?
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What happened to the prisoner in the LOKI show

In this shot, a fellow prisoner is seemingly disintegrated or something. I'm wondering what that was. Was he being killed or was it a portal or something?
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If there's only one timeline, why did the Ancient One beg to differ?

While If there's only one timeline, how could Doctor Strange have seen 14 million of them? was theoretical (people commented Doctor Strange may have seen only potential timelines), if there is ...
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If there's only one timeline, how could Doctor Strange have seen 14 million of them?

If there is only one true Sacred Timeline according to the Time Variance Authority (TVA), then how could Doctor Strange have seen 14 million of them in Infinity War? Or did he only see the true ...
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How did Mobius come to this conclusion?

In the Marvel series Loki season 1 episode 2, the original variant from the sacred timeline gives a theory that To test this theory Mobius and Loki go to Pompeii, and after returning from there ...
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