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For questions about 2019 movie Little women directed by Greta Gerwig.

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Meaning of Dialogue in Little Women

In the movie Little Women there are a few lines that I don't quite understand. In the scene where Laurie visits Aunt March in Paris (if I'm not wrong), Aunt March says "What a disappointment he ...
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Was the story of Little Women only happening in Jo's book?

I recently saw the new 2019 movie, Little Women. There is this part at the beginning and at the end, where Jo is meeting this book publisher Churchill-like character about publishing her book. I feel ...
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What did Marmee see in the man when she is volunteering?

In the new Little Women (2019) adaptation by Greta Gerwig there is a scene where Marmee (played by Laura Dern) is volunteering. In that scene a man shows up and tells her he lost all four of his sons ...
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