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Life of Pi is a 2012 American adventure drama film based on Yann Martel's 2001 novel of the same name

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What would be the equivalent of the carnivorous island?

Towards the end of the movie Life Of Pi, we are given a new vision of the events depicted in the story. The writer that interviews the main character explains that the Zebra, Orang-Utan, Hyena, and ...
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Which story is true at end of the movie "Life of Pi"?

At the end of the movie Life of Pi, Pi tells us two stories. One with the tiger (unrealistic) and one without the tiger (realistic). I believe that he was metaphorically referring himself as the ...
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"Life of Pi" Final Insurance Report

In the end of Life of Pi there are two possible stories that happened. But in the last scene where the writer views the Chinese insurance report, he reads this sentence: Very few castaways can ...
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Religions mentioned in the "Life of Pi"

In the Movie Life of Pi, Pi wanted to believe in three religions (Hinduism, Christianity and Islam). But he is not aware of Buddhism. As I guess, in the movie the Buddhism is represented by the ...
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How did they shoot the animal scenes in Life of Pi?

Is the tiger, hyena, zebra etc animated? They look quite real. Are they trained animals?
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Why is there no sign of facial hair in Pi's face?

In Life of Pi, we can see the changes in Pi's physique like being slim, lengthening of his hair etc. But surprisingly he is clean shaved in that state too. How is that possible? In his age, as shown, ...
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How did Richard Parker manage to get the goat inside the cage?

In Life of Pi, we see Pi's father put a live goat at the gate of Richard Parker's cage. In one shot, the goat is tied standing outside the confinement that holds Richard Parker. We see the tiger ...
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Was this line from Jurassic World ad libbed?

In Jurassic World, Irrfan Khan's character Masrani makes a reference to another character he played in Life of Pi: MASRANI: So, how's my park doing? CLAIRE: Great. CLAIRE: We're ...
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Which story is real in The Life of Pi? [duplicate]

After watching Life of Pi for the 16th time, I realized I had plenty of questions: the tiger in the movie could be a metaphor for God or Pi himself (according to the two stories provided), also the ...
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A possible interpretation of that island in movie [duplicate]

A possible interpretation of that island in movie (Life Of A Pie) may be he was dreaming about that island ...... before this scene he mentions that he was unable to distinguish between reality and ...
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