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What did the Centurion mishear Pilate's statements as?

In the 1979 movie Monty Python's Life of Brian, there's scene where Brian (the protagonist) is captured by the Roman soldiers and brought to Pilate. Pilate seems to have rhotacism (a speech impediment ...
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30 votes
2 answers

Were the soldiers unaware of the "Biggus Dickus" scene prior to filming?

A Facebook group about general trivia stated that the soldiers in the famous "Biggus Dickus" in Life of Brian were unaware of the jokes in the scene, and therefore their attempts to refrain from ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Why would the Romans crucify even innocent people?

What I mean is that in the movie Life of Brian by Monty Python, the Romans would release all the criminals/terrorists from the prison and get them into the massive amphitheatre. They would then get ...
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