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For questions relating to the 2017 science-fiction horror movie "Life" starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson and Ryan Reynolds. Directed by Daniel Espinosa

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How many Calvins were in the movie Life?

I have just watched the movie Life by Daniel Espinosa and my question is simple: How many Calvins were in the movie? I am a little bit confused. When the commander died, there is one out of the ...
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Why is the soil sample return vehicle in "Life" tumbling?

In the opening scenes of "Life" the soil sample return vehicle was "tumbling" and approaching the station in a way that "no one had trained for." Is this scene just for a more dramatic opening ...
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What happened to the probes at the end of Life?

In Life, David's probe was supposed to go into outer space with Calvin trapped into it, and the probe with Miranda was supposed to go to Earth. At the end we can see that the David's probe has been ...
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Why did the probe activate retrorockets on a water landing?

Life (2017) showed the ISS escape probe dropped to the land. When it reaches a certain height of earth atmosphere, the escape pod releases a parachute and near the water surface retrorockets got ...
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What is Calvin exactly doing with the oxygen torches by holding?

In Life (2017), Calvin is holding each oxygen torch for a few seconds with its tentacles and losing it. We can see the oxygen torch glowing through the transparent skin of Calvin. What is he doing ...
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Where are David & Miranda when the capsule crashes into the ISS?

In Life (2017), David is looking through the window when the capsule destroys the ISS. So he sees the destroyed ISS floating in space. From where exactly is he seeing the ISS? He should actually be ...
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Do the Oxygen Torches in the movie "Life" (2017) exist and how do/would they work?

Yesterday I watched the recent movie Life where the ISS crew revives a life-threatening organism from Mars. I'm usually thorough about realism of scientific elements in Sci-Fi movies, and thought ...
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How was Calvin able to breathe?

In the movie Life (2017), Calvin is outside the space station. Calvin is shown to be an organic life-form that is Carbon based. They mention that it needs food, oxygen, and a suitable temperature to ...
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How did Calvin end up there without being seen?

Big spoiler if you didn't watch the movie: In Life after Hugh gives his speech about Calvin not hating them, they found it curled up in Hugh's leg, inside his suit! How could it end up there without ...
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