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Action thriller directed by Luc Besson about a hitman who harbors a young girl after her family is killed by a rogue narcotics cop.

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What's the significance of this old man always sitting in Tony's eatery?

In Léon: The Professional, there are quite a few scenes in the eatery owned by Tony, contract kill manager. At all times there can be seen an old man in a hat, sitting alone at the same corner table. ...
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Where did Jean-Hugues Anglade appear cameo in Léon: The Professional?

Jean-Hugues Anglade is listed to appear cameo in Léon: The Professional but I can't spot him. Which scene(s) can he be seen in?
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Why did Léon kill Malky?

In Léon: The Professional (1994) Léon kills Malky in Chinatown the same day Mathilda heads out to kill Stansfield. It's implied that this killing was 'personal'. Why did Léon want to kill Malky then?
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How did Stansfield explain the woman shot in the bathtub?

When that guy who stole the drugs lies to Stansfield in Leon: The Professional (1994), they come back the other day and shoot his entire family, including his wife in the bathtub with headphones on. ...
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Leon "type" of plant [closed]

There is a question about the What is the story of Leon's plant? but it will like to know what type the plant is
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Was Tony knocked off by DA in Leon The Professional?

One of the best dialogues I've heard. Here it is: Tony: Hey, it's your money. I mean, I'm just holding it for you, like a bank. Except better than a bank, 'cause you know banks always get knocked ...
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Why did Leon always watch "It's Always Fair Weather"?

The only romantic part of Leon: The Professional's life was watching a romantic movie, and he always watched the Gene Kelly movie It's Always Fair Weather. Why? Is there any relation between his death,...
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How would you describe the relation between Mathilda and Léon?

Roger Ebert mentioned in his review of Léon: The Professional But always at the back of my mind was the troubled thought that there was something wrong about placing a 12-year-old character in ...
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What is the story of Leon's plant?

Leon himself talks about his plant that it is his best friend as he never complains and they have in common that they don't have roots. He always cares for his plant, as he doesn't only include his ...
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Did Leon see no other way out?

In the penultimate scene of Léon: The Professional, Leon uses the line You have given me a taste for life to Mathilda, convincing her to escape through the ventilation system to meet up with him at ...
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