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Questions tagged [legends-of-the-fall]

1994 American drama directed by Edward Zwick and starring Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins, Aidan Quinn and Julia Ormond.

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What does this wind turbine do?

In the movie, Legends of the Fall, Colonel William Ludlow leaves the US army and starts living as a rancher in Montata. We can see a wind turbine in the background, what does it do given the story ...
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What does "fall" refer to in the movie title "Legends of the Fall"

What is the meaning of the word "Fall" in the movie title Legends of the Fall (1994)? Does it mean "autumn" or does it mean "downfall"? I am native German speaker and I ...
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Why film in Canada when there's plenty of land in Montana?

The movie Legends Of The Fall (1994) is set in Montana, yet it was filmed entirely in Canada. There's plenty of land in Montana, and that was supposed to be the setting, so why would they film it in ...
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How long was Tristan Ludlow away from home?

The 1994 film Legends of the Fall describes the film's main character, Tristan Ludlow being away from home for a lengthy period of time after he decides to leave the ranch and his lover, Susannah ...
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