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Was Penelope always supposed to be short-lived on the show?

In Legacies, even being a side character Penelope stand out pretty well and #posie was a famous yuri ship among fans but her arc ended sooner than anyone expected and even ended with a petition of ...
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Is Ryan Clarke not a Phoenix?

In the episode 16th of "Legacies" (S01E16), Ryan Clarke (Landon's brother and Malivore's older child) was killed by Landon in the room of Malivore's pit. Now as Landon is a Phoenix, he catches fire ...
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Did Hope know her blood would heal Jossie Saltzman

In the latest Legacies episode (S01E16), Hope went to Triad Organisation's place (in GA) to save Landon. After she reached there, Landon told her about Malivore and its/his history, might have ...
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Why Jinni but not Genie?

In Legacies S01E10, we see the first Jinni/Genie in the Vampire Diary universe but Ablah gets so furious when Lizzie calls her Genie and always corrects her or shows agitation. But why? Is there any ...
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Legacies reality change episode is very confusing

In the latest episode of Legacies S01E10, there were multiple realities shown, with Jinni's magical powers. And we all know how a small change in past can have repercussions in this reality. Has ...
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Which 90 year old vampire did Hope kiss in The Originals?

In Legacies S01E08 "Maybe I Should Start From The End", Hope mentions to Landon that she kissed a 90 year old vampire who tried to kill his mother but I don't remember such events from The Originals. ...
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