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Why did Clyde get naked before getting arrested?

In Law Abiding Citizen (2009), Clyde knows he is going to get arrested, which is part of his plan. So right before the swat team busts through his doors, he strips naked with nothing but his ...
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What does Clyde's facial expression mean in the ending scene?

In the end of Law Abiding Citizen, Clyde Shelton was being blown up by his own bomb but in the end, even though he died, did he get what he had always wanted? When he was being blown up by his own ...
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What weapon does Clyde use to kill his cell mate?

I was watching the movie Law Abiding Citizen. I can't quite figure out what weapon Clyde uses to kill his cell mate. It didn't look like a knife. And whatever it was, where did he get that from in a ...
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Can bargaining be done with the convicted as shown in Law Abiding Citizen?

After watching the film Law Abiding Citizen, I drew some conclusions about the law on bargaining with the convicted person. They are as following. Mark me if I am wrong! If we can not prove for ...
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