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Questions tagged [kong-skull-island]

This tag should be used for the questions related to Kong: Skull Island released in 2017.

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2 answers

What are the monsters shown in Kong: Skull Island post credit scenes?

In the post-credit scenes of Kong: Skull Island it shows some monsters. Who are these monsters and what powers do they have?
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How did so many helicopters fit on deck?

In the starting scene of the movie Kong Skull Island we can see a whole bunch of helicopters being deployed off the deck of a freighter. As I count there are: 9x UH-1 Iroquois (main deck), 1x CH-47 ...
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1 answer

Were those real helicopters in Kong Skull island?

Do we know for sure if the helicopters in Kong: Skull Island were real or CGI or both?
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1 answer

Is Kong last of its kind?

Spoiler ahead: We get to know that Kongs family or maybe entire species is wiped out by the skull creatures. We saw their bones in skull creatures' territory. Only Kong the king left. Now skull ...
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"We'll Meet Again" in end credits - is there an explanation for why?

At the end of the film, Kong: Skull Island, they play a short section of the song "We'll Meet Again." My initial instincts were that it is a post-modern nod to the idea that King Kong will continue ...
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