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Why was Bill Skarsgård cast for the role of Marquis?

I saw John Wick 4 when it came out. I think the team did a great job, but I wonder why Bill Skarsgård was chosen for the main antagonist, Marquis. To me, he does not look and feel "dangerous"...
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Did this character actually die in Chapter 4?

I've recently watched John Wick: Chapter 4, but I can't really understand the end. Did really die? Why though? Couldn't they take him to the hospital, and probably he would live?
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How much time passes in the John Wick movies?

After watching John Wick Chapter 4, chatting about it with my girlfriend we talked about how John Wick looked so worn out by the end, and she said something like "well, yeah, he's been fighting ...
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what is this pistol John Wick and Caine use during their epic duel?

In the latest movie, John Wick 4, John and Caine use these pistols during their epic duel. What I found interesting is: They are loaded from the rear which suggest their barrels are rifled. But the ...
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What is the difference between 'teaser trailer' and 'trailer'?

John Wick: Chapter 4's 'teaser trailer' is out. I wonder if 'teaser trailer' is different from both 'teaser' and 'trailer'. Is it a combination of both? Why did they name it 'teaser trailer'?
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