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Why is King Herod's song ragtime?

According to this answer, in Jesus Christ Superstar (1973), King Herod's song is in ragtime style. Is there any reason or symbolism for choosing such a style for the song?
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At the end of Jesus Christ Superstar (John 19-41), why was the actor playing Jesus not on the bus?

At the end of Jesus Christ Superstar (John Nineteen- Forty-One), all the actors (including one playing Judas who's "dead" by now) get back on the bus and the bus drives off. ...
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Jesus Christ Superstar shooting places guide?

I have been up to Avdat today and I think I recognize it being used in a few scenes of the 1973 movie version of Jesus Christ Superstar, but of course it's really hard -- obviously they "dressed" the ...
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