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Jason Bourne is a 2016 American action, thriller film, directed by Paul Greengrass, and stars Matt Damon, and Tommy Lee Jones. Jason Bourne’s former co-worker when he was an operative gets dragged into the renewed efforts to locate him. But their combined efforts to survive prove to be formidable.

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Why does Nicky know nothing about Bourne's mission at Berlin?

The Bourne Supremacy background: Bourne assassinated Russian politician Vladimir Neski at Berlin long time ago but he couldn't remember full detail and recently been framed for killing 2 CIA people at ...
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Why did Christian Dassault attack Bourne?

In Jason Bourne (2016), Christian Dassault is the leader of a group of privacy activists. He wants to expose systems like top-secret black ops program of the Central Intelligence Agency which want to ...
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Are there any references in the movie 'Jason Bourne' that acknowledge the continuity of 'The Bourne Legacy'?

The Bourne Legacy is the 4th film in the Bourne series but without Matt Damon. It tells a parallel story of a different kind of enhanced agent, while referencing the continued developments of ...
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Did Ludlum and the creators of 24 pay homage to Fleming in their choice of character names? [closed]

James Bond, Jack Bauer, and Jason Bourne all have the same initials. Coincidence or homage?
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Why exactly did the CIA want to recruit Bourne?

In Jason Bourne, we learn that Jason's (David Webb) dad, Richard Webb was a CIA analyst that helped create Treadstone. We learn later that the asset (Vincent Cassel) killed his dad to persuade ...
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How did the fingerprint of Jason Bourne fall into Russian hands?

How did the fingerprint of Jason Bourne fall into Russian hands, to the point that it was the thread to tug on to unravel treadstone? Why was this security breach not investigated? They had to know ...
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How did Bourne know that he would be cleared at the airport?

When Bourne reaches Vegas airport, Heather clears his passport for him which prevents him from being detained at immigration. How did Bourne know that he would be cleared?
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In Jason Bourne, why does Lee want Dewey gone?

During the course of the movie, Heather Lee decides to help Bourne at critical times for reasons that are never made clear. Is she wary of the way that her CIA boss is running things? Is she angling ...
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Has Jason Bourne been more dangerous to US assets than enemies?

In Jason Bourne, Director Dewey states that Bourne made 32 kills for the Treadstone program. I'm unsure if this includes the hooded man in a chair as part of his recruitment. Throughout the movies, ...
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What was Jason Bourne actually doing to the elevators?

InJason Bourne (2016), Jason removes an elevator control board and hits something. Outside the elevator symbol changes into RED COLOUR "--". What was Jason Bourne actually doing to the elevators?
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Do I need to know Bourne's backstory before watching Jason Bourne?

I'm considering going to the cinema to watch the new Jason Bourne movie. I have not seen the previous 3 movies. Is there any need to watch them before this one, or does it work as a stand-alone movie? ...
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Do I have to watch The Bourne Legacy to watch Jason Bourne?

I just found out there's another Bourne Series, but it looks unoriginal. I'm going to be busy and I want to watch Jason Bourne in the cinema before I do, but I'm not sure if I can skip The Bourne ...
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