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Questions tagged [jack-ryan-tv]

Questions regarding Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan, an american action political thriller web television series

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Why did the Jack Ryan series switch from subtitles to all-English?

In the first two seasons of Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime, a lot of the dialogue was in foreign languages such as Arabic, Spanish, and German, with subtitles. In the last two seasons, even though there ...
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If the bomb was remotely triggered by a phone call, why wasn't the detonation ever mentioned?

At the end of the final episode of the first season of Jack Ryan, we see Why wasn't the detonation ever mentioned afterward? I may be mistaken as to whether it actually connected, but it seemed it ...
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Is it common for an author to get an executive producer credit when they are deceased?

I was watching the Amazon Prime show Jack Ryan and noticed that Tom Clancy is listed as an executive producer on the show. Tom Clancy passed away in 2013, at least two years before it was announced ...
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What was the substance hidden in the Olive Oil in the Clancy series Jack Ryan?

In the hideout of Suleiman in the Jack Ryan TV-show, we see the terrorists busy sliding slim glass containers individually into bulky olive oil canisters. The number of crates of olive oil gave me the ...
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What was the Ebola plot in Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan?

In S1E6, Suleiman and his brother excavated an Ebola victims body from Liberia & went to Azerbaijan six months ago. Then he provides the 12 captive Doctors Without Borders including Dr. Daniel ...
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Why "Jack Ryan"...when it isn't? [closed]

The body of work from Tom Clancy regarding Jack Ryan runs so contrary to the material in the new Prime series "Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan" that other than the name and very few other factors "this" Jack ...
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Was Suleiman tipped off?

Spoilers ahead In the first season of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan (2018) in episode 7... So my question is, if this was the plan all along, then were they really tipped off by the daughter's message to ...
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