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Questions tagged [irreversible]

Harrowing film directed by Gaspar Noe about a couple whose lives are forever altered after the woman suffers a brutal assault and the man hunts down her attacker.

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What does it mean for a film to be cruel, according to Roger Ebert?

Roger Ebert starts his review (see of Gaspar Noé's film Irréversible as follows: "Irreversible" is a movie so violent and cruel that ...
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Bad image quality in Gaspar Noé films

Why are the images in some of Gaspar Noé films blurry? For example, in I Stand Alone and Irréversible, quality seems very bad although I watched the 1080p BluRay versions. Is this a technical issue, ...
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What are Mourad and Layde up to in Irréversible?

In the movie Irréversible two street thugs (Mourad and Layde) help Marcus and Pierre take revenge for what happened to Alex. They help around with questioning the right people leading to the discovery ...
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Is there any reason behind Irréversible's reverse chronological order?

From the Wikipedia article for the movie, Memento: The purpose of the fragmented reverse sequencing is to force the audience into a sympathetic experience of Leonard's defective short-term memory, ...
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