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Film adaptation of the biographical work by Jon Krakauer; based on the life of Chris McCandless, an idealistic young man who tried to forge out a life according to his own uncompromising standards.

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Why did Christopher abandon everything and go wild in "Into the Wild"?

There's a lot of different reasons all over the internet and even some insight from his real-life sister, but I recall Christopher mentioning somewhere in the middle of Into the Wild (2007): It was ...
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Why is it pointed out that Christopher must wear socks in?

In Into The Wild (2007) at one point in the movie, we see Christopher working in a restaurant, I guess he was washing dishes or something like that. Then a co-worker/manager walks to him and tell him ...
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How did Alex get the job at a fast food restaraunt with no ID?

In Into the Wild, Alex threw away all of his IDs, burned his Social Security card, and resisted the temptation to try to re-acquire an ID at a later time. I can understand that he may have been able ...
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Why did the farmer get arrested?

In Into the Wild, the cool dude the main character was working for on a farm got arrested by the FBI. Another character says "I warned him about those little black boxes." What was this about? Is it ...
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Camera movement in final scene of 'Into The Wild'

I just watched 'Into The Wild'. In the final scene the camera rotates around Chris' face, zooms out of the bus and zooms out showing the surrounding area above the bus. This link does not show the ...
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"Happiness is only real when shared"

In the 2007's movie Into The Wild, Chris abandons society and starts living in a forest. In the end when he is dying his last words are "Happiness is only real when shared" So was it a mistake to ...
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What is the book that Emile Hirsch reads in "Into the Wild"?

In the film Into the Wild, Emile Hirsch keeps on reading a book at different times, such as night time. In some scenes, the cover of the book is slightly visible. What was the book he was reading?
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