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"Inferno" is a 2016 film adaptation of the bestselling novel by Dan Brown, starring Tom Hanks and Felicity Jones.

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Why did Zobrist leave a clue? [duplicate]

In Dan Brown's Inferno, Zobrist hides a biological hazard in a cavern. But why does he leave a clue (though it's a hard clue) for that place? He had already planted that and he wouldn't want anyone to ...
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How would the fresco in the Hall of 500 be repaired after Vayentha fell through it?

When Robert Langdon and Sienna Brooks are above the Hall of 500, Sienna falls down to the floor. She is unhurt, and shortly later, Vayentha comes in and attempts to kill Langdon. Sienna pulls Vayentha ...
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Why change the ending of Inferno from the novel?

** SPOILER warning for anyone who has not watched the movie or read the book ** In the novel, at the end, it is revealed that the virus was never meant to kill anyone, but instead made a part of the ...
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Why did Zobrist leave the trail to the virus in the first place?

So the billionaire in Inferno leaves a crumb trail all the way to the inferno virus so his followers can find it e.g. Siena. And Siena even says she's going to protect the virus to ensure it goes off ...
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Watching order for the Dan Brown films?

The novel Angels & Demons was published in 2000 and followed only in 2003 by the mega-bestselling sequel The Da Vinci Code. But the order was reversed for the film adaptations: the film of The Da ...
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What are the main differences between Dan Brown's 'Inferno' novel and Ron Howard's adaptation?

Some of the reviews, of Ron Howard's 'Inferno' adaptation of Dan Brown's book, mention an altered ending. One of the IMDB users wrote: In a nutshell: Know that brilliant, creative, controversial ...
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Why does Sienna Brooks inject Robert Langdon with a sedative?

Why does Sienna Brooks inject Robert Langdon with a sedative in Inferno, when she knows that she is supposed to drag him out of the make-do hospital to her make-do home? We see later that Langdon's ...
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Why are the movie adaptations of the Robert Langdon book series in a random order?

The movie adaptations of the Robert Langdon book series have been released in the wrong order. The order of the books is "Angels & Demons", "The Da Vinci Code", "The Lost Symbol", and then "...
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