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1996 Science Fiction film directed by Roland Emmerich. Mankind fights back against an alien invasion on July 4th.

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Kardashev scale of alien civilization in Independence Day?

The Kardashev scale is a way of measuring a hypothetical civilization's ability to harness energy. This scale has always made me think about the movie Independence Day (1996), my favorite example of a ...
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Crop duster to F/A-18 Pilot - how feasible?

In the movie Independence Day, one of the characters ends up saving the day by flying an F/A-18 fighter jet into the Alien Mothership. That character's only previous experience flying was crop-...
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Like in Independence Day, can a President fight on the front lines?

In the 1996 movie Independence Day, the President takes to the skies in a fighter plane to help fight the aliens in the climactic battle. It makes for an engaging action movie, but seems very ...
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Is it really possible to put a virus in a machine you don't know? [duplicate]

In the movie Independence Day Jeff Goldblum put a virus in a machine coming from another planet and which he didn't know at the moment. He seemed to have used a generic virus judging by the fact that ...
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How can Jasmine survive in the tunnel in Independence Day

In Independence Day, Jasmine (Vivica A. Fox) opens a door in the tunnel to save herself and her son during alien attack. She gets in and survives, but how? Assuming debris and fire does not get into ...
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Why did the alien invaders let Russell Casse go?

In Independence Day, Vietnam vet & redneck crop duster pilot Russell Casse was supposedly abducted by the alien invaders in 1986. He ended up a crazy alien conspiracy nut, shunned by others, which ...
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Why was Captain Steven "Steve" Hiller denied by NASA?

One of plots in Independence Day has United States Marine Cpt. Steven "Steve" Hiller wanting to become an Astronaut. It's part of his motivation in life. One scene prior to the apocalypse has him ...
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Why is the movie titled "Independence Day"?

The title of the movie Independence Day (1996) makes no sense to me. A country gains independence when: It was depending on some other country (being ruled by another country). It becomes sovereign, ...
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How does earth based technology interact with alien technology

I recently rewatched Independence Day (1996) And noticed a lot of new things that left all kinds of plot-holes and questions. I'm willing to accept plot-holes and Deus Ex Machina type explanations at ...
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Why did the aliens let a 50 year old ship into the Mothership?

In the movie Independence Day Captain Hiller (Smith) and David (Goldblum) fly an alien-ship that had been in our possession since the 1950s (explicitly mentioned more than once in the movie) into the ...
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What is the significance of the flashing lights?

In ID4 (Independence Day), there are 3 helicopters sent up to greet the alien craft. One of the copters is fitted with a set of light panels that flash the lights in a specific pattern/sequence. What ...
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Is Independence Day a comedy spoof?

I haven't seen it since I walked out of the theater disgusted in 1996, but I've recently been wondering if the movie Independence Day was intended to be a comedy. I was 19 then, and I went to see ...
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