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A 2010 British-American science fiction heist thriller film written, co-produced, and directed by Christopher Nolan.

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At which dream level did Inception end?

In the ending of Inception (2010), there is some doubt that Cobb is in the real world. But if he is not in the real world then at which level of the dream he is in? Starting at the presumed 'real ...
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Why does Cobb use the spinning top?

In the movie Cobb (DiCaprio) tells Ariadne (Page) that the most important rule in choosing a totem is to make sure that no one else has ever touched it. This is emphasized with flashbacks showing ...
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Why do the kicks have to occur simultaneously?

In Inception, why do the kicks on the different levels have to occur simultaneously, rather than one after another?
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Is it actually possible to transfer a totem?

In "Inception" it seems that Cobb takes over the use of Mal's totem (the spinning top). If the totem is a personal item that helps you keep your hold on reality, can the totem really be transferred ...
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Why aren't the characters floating two levels down?

If level 0 is the reality, the characters in the van are at level 1. The van drops off the edge of the bridge and goes into freefall. At level 2, in the hotel, they experience the freefall as well. ...
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Why didn't Mal use her totem (spinning top) before she actually died?

In Inception, it was told that the totem's concept was invented by Mal. Then why didn't Mal use her spinning top to find out if she is in a dream or not before jumping off the window? Is it the case ...
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Why does Cobb wake up in the water?

Inception begins with Cobb waking up or lying on the beach in the water. He is brought before Saito. Later on, we learn that this is limbo. From Eames' dream (level 3), Cobb and Ariadne go a level ...
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How does the dream sharing actually work?

In Inception, dream-sharing is (obviously) a huge part in how the entire plot functions. Is there any valid references (either scientific or even just an explanation from the writers/director) as to ...
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Why does Cobb risk drugging Fischer on the flight?

In Inception, why does Cobb slip the sedative into Robert's glass of water himself, taking considerable amount of risk at getting caught? Why didn't the Air hostess get the pre-drugged water for ...
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Where does Limbo take place?

This question is inspired by Who was dreaming when and whose mind was being projected?, where the infographic shows very well in which mind each dream level takes place, except for the Limbo: So let'...
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What's the significance of Cobb's ring in Inception?

In Inception, Cobb was wearing his wedding ring in some scenes and in some scenes he doesn't. After watching the movie so many times, according to me, in every scene of a dream he was wearing his ...
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25 votes
5 answers

How did they bring Fischer back to life within the 3rd layer of the dream?

Near the end of Inception, Mal shoots Fischer, killing him (or at least mortally wounding him) within the 3rd layer of the dream. Dom and Ariadne go down a level to find him and bring him back. How ...
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How does Ariadne know that Saito is dead in the upper level?

When they are in the limbo, we see Ariadne asking Cobb to find and get Saito and not to lose himself before jumping from the building. However, before they entered this limbo Saito was still alive. ...
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Why can't Mal give a kick to Cobb from the "real" world if she actually escaped

If Mal was right that it was all fake, and she jumped and got out of the dream, Then upon waking up why can't she give some sort of kick to Cobb in the "real" world? (Just like Arthur gave the kick to ...
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When did the Inception start?

Many have wondered about this and this may be the silliest question asked regarding the movie INCEPTION but here it is.... When did the Inception start? Or Could it be that the whole movie was a ...
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Why isn't Arthur woken up by the kick?

First the van rolls, then later the van falls off the bridge. Why doesn't this kick wake up Arthur? Related questions: Why do the kicks have to occur simultaneously?
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Is coming out of a limbo easy or difficult?

At Level 1 when Saito is shot in the chest and Eames is about to shoot him in the head (in the warehouse) Cobb stops him saying that as they are all on sedatives killing him would send him to the ...
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How does Saito eliminate Cobb's murder charge?

In the final scenes of Inception, Saito is seen making a phone call after the completion of the job. Though we don't hear any conversation, we can assume that he is taking care of Cobb being able to ...
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Who was dreaming when and whose mind was being projected?

Can someone provide an exhaustive list of who was dreaming whose mind was the one that filled it with its subconscious in each dream they shared in Inception?
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Why was it necessary to rescue Saito from limbo?

In Inception, one of the last scenes (and actually the very beginning scene) is Saito being approached by Cobb to both retrieve him and remind him about their arrangement. But did that action really ...
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