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Why is Ken's beer "gay"?

Around 10 minutes into the film In Bruges, Ken and Ray are having beer for the first time in Bruges. When he puts the beers on the table, Ray says something along the lines of "one gay beer for ...
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In the movie In Bruges, which is the clock tower [closed]

In the mvoie in bruges they visit a specific tower a few times. Where is that clock tower in real life? I just visited the clock tower in the city Bruges and it looks nothing like the movie version. ...
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Birdman and In Bruges, dream sequence reference

Something is been bugging me since I saw Birdman. when they were discussing about the budget and Galifianakis complained that the reserve is gone on the trees, Keaton replied its for a dream sequence ...
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Could Ray have survived at the end?

At the end of In Bruges, after being shot several times Ray is still not dead. At the end we just see him entering the ambulance. Is there any director's commentary available which could tell us ...
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How come films like American Psycho, Fight club, In Bruges are black comedy?

Internet says "Black comedy is a form of comedy in which serious issues such as cannibalism, rape, genocide, terminal illnesses, etc. are treated humorously". But I don't see any comedy scenes in ...
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