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Internet Movie Database (IMDb) is an online website of information related to films, television programs, and video games.

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What do film dates with Roman numerals after the year mean on IMDB?

Sometimes on IMDB I see films which are dated like this: Sergio Corbucci: Night Club ................. 1989/I Robert Rodriguez: The Black Mamba (Short) .... 2011/I Two Scoops (Short) ......... 2013/...
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What are the meanings of the terms "Passed" and "Approved" with regards to a movie title?

On IMDb there are various movies which bear the words "Passed" or "Approved" next to their title, as e.g. seen on this page. or this one. In addition, at least one movie's page features neither of ...
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Why does the MPAA allow IMDB to reveal whole synopses of recent movies?

Yesterday I was shocked when I saw synopsis of a recently released movie: Finding Dory (2016). It was quite elaborated & you don't need to go to the actual movie for visuals. You will experience ...
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Nomination vs Won

I would like to know the difference between "nominated" and "won" with regards to movie awards. From what I understand: Won : The actor has received the award. Nominated : The actor has not yet ...
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Are IMDB ratings objectively credible? [closed]

I recently visited IMDB and I was shocked to see that "V for Vendetta" and "The Avengers" share the same rating which is 8.2. I could not believe it, like a movie with social and political impact like ...
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Why do some actors in credits appear as - Character (As Actor)

I was just browsing IMDb and always wondered why in some movies an actor/actress will appear in the credits as the character but right beside in parenthesis "As Name"? Check out Dane DeHaan's profile ...
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Are movie production companies hiring people to rate their movies on IMDB?

I noticed that older movies with a 7 - 7.5 rating are really good, while 2012 movies with that rating are quite bad, and they would most likely be rated 4 - 5.5 in 2004 for example :) Also newer ...
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