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Why is the movie titled "If I Stay"?

I saw the movie, But I didn't find any resemblance between title's meaning to the plot of the movie. Why is the movie titled "If I Stay" ?
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What is this importance of the mist that appears in the hospital corridor?

In Movie "If I Stay (2014)", Some White mist appeared twice in hospital corridors. What is this importance of this mist? Does it indicate anything?
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Understanding Mia's choice at the end

Towards the end of If I Stay Mia's grandfather says 'It will be okay if you leave'. Mia then decides to let go and die. However, given this, why does she stay in the end? Is it because of the news ...
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What happened in "If I Stay"?

In the movie If I Stay (2014), Mia got in car accident with her family. Her parents died. Her younger brother died in hospital. Mia was in a coma. We saw her consciousness (maybe, I'm confused) going ...
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