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Besides iCarly, has there ever been an (official) adult sequel to a kids' series?

Previously I asked What's the term for some sequel where we see the characters in the original but much older? where the answer is Character Aged with the Actor but in the examples I've mentioned ...
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Why is iCarly always broadcast live?

(Note: this question refers to the in-universe web series that the characters host, not the TV show itself.) Throughout the series, Carly, Sam, and Freddie face a lot of issues due to the live nature ...
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Do the Nickelodeon TV shows "Sam & Cat" and "iCarly" take place in the same universe?

I was watching Sam & Cat on tv then iCarly was on next so I watched an episode of that to see how it was like and the Sam in iCarly had the same name as the one in Sam & Cat so I was wondering ...
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