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Why did Roman give up the diamonds?

In the 2020 movie I Care A Lot, Marla who has stolen a mafia family's diamonds as a predatory guardian for the old mother of the family (without knowing who she is). Marla is kidnapped and tortured by ...
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In the US, are the assets of a vulnerable elderly person transferred to the custodian?

After I watched I Care a Lot, this question came to mind. In the movie, a woman (Marla), who is a scammer, locates wealthy old people and convinces the court to give her guardianship over them and ...
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What happens to Marla's tooth?

In the movie, I care a lot, Marla Grayson is tortured and one tooth is punched loose as the result. She takes that tooth out of her mouth and put it in a jug of chilled milk. Then what happens to it? ...
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Why does Marla yank out her tooth?

In the movie I Care A Lot, Marla nearly drowns. After exiting the water, she pulls out a molar. She then preserves it and has a dentist put it back. Maybe I missed something, but why would she do this?...
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