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2011's 3D historical adventure drama film directed and co-produced by Martin Scorsese based on Brian Selznick's graphic novel The Invention of Hugo Cabret.

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Why did the Station Inspector become teary?

In Martin Scorsese's Hugo, Hugo pleads with the Station Inspector, saying he didn't know why his father died. Then Georges Méliès comes to claim that Hugo is in his care and then takes him. Why did ...
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Why did all the Characters in "Hugo" have English Accents?

In Martin Scorsese's "Hugo", why did all the characters have English accents if the story is set in Paris, France? Wouldn't the characters have French accents?
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In the movie "Hugo", what are these Pictures supposed to mean?

In Martin Scorsese's "Hugo", when the Station Inspector has locked up an orphan urchin inside a little prison inside his office and he is talking to the police to come and pick him up and ...
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Why does the Station Inspector chase children who are on their own and threaten to send them to an Orphanage?

In the Martin Scorsese film Hugo (2011), there is a scene when the Station Inspector catches a boy looking into someone's paper bag and then locks him in his office and rings to Police to send him to ...
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Was the depiction of George Méliès accurate to what we know about his life?

The 2011 movie Hugo was about a boy of the same name who fixes an automaton that was built by George Méliès. Hugo learns that the man was a film maker and eventually inspires him to take pride in his ...
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Did Hugo Cabret and other characters really exist?

In Hugo, forgotten Georges Méliès's life, success and master piece films are revealed to us, but the movie was not just about him. It was about the boy Hugo and all his courageous deeds. My question ...
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What is the Significance of the train wreck in Hugo?

In the middle-end part of the movie Hugo, there is a train incident (symbolizing the 1895 Montparnasse Train Wreck) in the station. It seems pretty strange that the train incident is included in the ...
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