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How to Train Your Dragon is an American 3D computer-animated action-fantasy film by DreamWorks Animation loosely based on the British book series of the same name by Cressida Cowell.

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Is Meatlug female or male?

In How To Train Your Dragon Fishleg repeatedly said "good girl" or "she is exhausted!", also "her wing is about to fall off!" in the series "Dragon race to berk" or in the first movie. So is Meatlug ...
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How does hideous zippleback bodies work?

I always wanted to know this and never found an answer... In How to Train Your Dragon, How does their body work? Does one head control the whole body (except for the other head, neck and tail)? or ...
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Chronological order of How to Train Your Dragon short films?

Which comes first in chronological order, Gift of the Night Fury or Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon in How to Train Your Dragon franchise?
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What was the purpose of animating some of the dragons in the Dragon Manual?

When Hiccup is reading about the dragon types from the manual at some point some of the dragons on the pages are shown as animated (very little general body movements on the manual pages) after he ...
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Why didn't the dragons leave their lair earlier?

I'm a bit confused about a scene in How To Train Your Dragon. When the Vikings reach the nest, they open holes and the dragons are flying away. Why didn't they do that in the first place and wait for ...
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Is Toothless male or female?

In the movie How to Train your Dragon, the sex of the Night Fury Toothless is never mentioned (or I must have missed if it is). In either case, is Toothless a male or a female, and why?
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Does How to Train Your Dragon TV series follow on from the movie and build up to the new movie?

Having not watched all of the TV series on the cartoon network, does the TV series follow on from the events of the first How to Train Your Dragon movie, and build up towards the plot of the new How ...
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What is the gender of the giant dragon?

What is the gender of the giant dragon in How to Train Your Dragon? Astrid refers to it as the Queen, but Hiccup calls it a he and him several times in their battle with it. The movie is not clear if ...
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