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Questions tagged [how-i-met-your-mother]

Long-running CBS television comedy series portraying the lives of a group of young professionals of NYC, their relationships, together and separately. Loosely plotted through the story-telling of the main character, Ted Mosby of the future, explaining to his children how the relationship to his wife, their mother, developed.


Did the makers of HIMYM cast this actress on purpose to play Karen based on this quote?

I recently started rewatching that '70s show and in S05E06 Over the Hills and Far Away Eric says to Donna: You love Marquette and I've made my peace with that so we're just gonna go to different ...

Why did Ted go to MacLaren's to call the locksmith when Barney locks him out in “Now We're Even”?

When Barney locks Ted out of his apartment while Ted in his pajamas, why does he go to MacLaren's to call his locksmith? This doesn't seem to make any sense since: Barney probably has a cell phone ...