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How did Maester Mellos know to bring "Moon Tea" to Princess Rhaenyra?

In episode 1.04 of the Game of Throne's spin-off series, House of the Dragon, Princess Rhaenyra gets herself into a tryst when her Uncle Daemon sneaks her out of the Red Keep where he eventually takes ...
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Is the inscription on this known dagger completely new mythology for the TV series House of the Dragon?

In the Game of Thrones spin-off TV series, House of the Dragon it has been revealed in the first four episodes that King Viserys Targaryen has knowledge, both through dreams and by an inscribed family ...
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How realistic is it to have maggots to remove dead flesh?

In House of the Dragon, S01E02, the maester is giving King Viserys I a very unique treatment for his pinky finger. By burying it into a swamp of maggots. The purpose is to allow maggots to eat away ...
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