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"House of Cards", a political drama series from 2013. For the original TV series from 1990, use [house-of-cards-uk].

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What does the Flag symbolize?

The logo for Netflix's House of Cards shows an upside-down & mirrored American Flag with 0 stars on it. What does this logo represent in terms of the show? Is it meant to be symbolism with the ...
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What does Francis Underwood's ring mean to him and why does he bury it?

At the end of House of Cards episode S02E05, when Frank attends the groundbreaking ceremony at the Civil War reenactment site he places (and ultimately buries) his ring in the soil (of what I assume ...
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Question about Rachel Posner and Doug Stamper

Why did Doug Stamper murder Rachel Posner? And why was Frank Underwood pleased with this? What did she know about Frank?
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What did Frank and Claire realize after watching Governor Conway's video?

At the end of Season 4, Episode 7 of House of Cards (Chapter 46), we see Claire lying in her White House bedroom late at night talking on the phone with her husband, who is also lying in his bedroom ...
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Why does Doug Stamper have so much influence over Rachel?

Why does Doug Stamper have so much influence over Rachel in House of Cards? I don't see why Rachel can't simply escape Doug.
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Did 9/11 occur in the House of Cards universe?

Season 4 of House of Cards features the terrorist organisation 'ICO' (Islamic Caliphate Organisation - essentially ISIS). Season 4 spoiler: My question is - do the events of House of Cards take ...
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In what year is House of Cards set?

The first season of House of Cards starts with the inauguration of Garrett Walker as 45th President. If the show is true to reality, that would make Walker the successor of Barack Obama, and have him ...
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