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Where was this scene of 'Highlander: The series' with standing columns shot?

In season 6 episode 3, Duncan meets another immortal in a place with a lot of standing columns which hold up nothing. The episode takes place in France. I haven't found any information about this ...
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How did the detectives identify that Russell Nash is from the 18th century just by his signature?

In Highlander, how did the detectives identify Russell Nash is from the 18th century just by his signature?
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14 votes
1 answer

How did Queen feel about the Highlander film?

Queen songs played a big role in popularity of the Highlander movie. Did Freddie Mercury or anyone else from Queen ever comment on the finished film and what they thought of it?
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How can I find a good-quality release of "Highlander" with the original soundtrack?

The new "Director's Cut" of Highlander (1986) apparently has a new soundtrack. The original soundtrack is supposedly only on the British release. How can identify the British release? There are many ...
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"Highlander" music used as New Line Cinema theme song

There's a beautiful violin theme in the movie Highlander, after Connor MacLeod has been driven out of his village and is now with his new wife. It's a 6-note riff that is played very high, then an ...
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