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Why did the astronaut want Catherine to run the numbers?

In the movie Hidden Figures, where the background exceptional work of Catherine helped the struggling USA to keep up with Soviet Union, a scene arrives - towards the end of the movie, where the ...
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Why did Redstone still fail after Katherine Johnson's successful calculation?

In Hidden Figures, from 43:00 onwards, Katherine Johnson appears to have successfully solved the calculation error that was leading to the failure of the Redstone rocket. Later on, at around 56:50, ...
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Hidden Figures non-scientific dialog

In Hidden Figures, during the section subtitled "Alan Shepard's Launch", there is some confusing dialog. A reporter with a mic in his hand stands on the beach, in front of a chainlink fence, with the ...
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Why is there a restriction for females in NASA?

In Hidden Figures, There is a scene where Paul Stafford stops Katherine Johnson from entering into the meeting. Paul Stafford: There is no protocol for women attending. Katherine Johnson: ...
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Did John Glenn really ask for that?

In Hidden Figures when John Glenn's rocket was about to be launched into space there was some uncertainty regarding the calculation results provided by IBM 7090. Al Harrison was discussing this with ...
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Why does Katherine take the blue binders to the washroom?

In Hidden Figures, why did Katherine Johnson take the blue binders with her every time she went to the washroom?
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Why do the mathematicians snap their fingers as applause in Hidden Figures?

In one scene in Hidden Figures, Kevin Costner is giving a speech to the assembled mathematicians. Kevin mentions one mathematician's accomplishment, and everyone applauds by snapping their fingers ...
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Why did Mrs. Mitchell describe Al Harrison as a rough boss?

Early on in Hidden Figures, when Katherine is about to start working with Harrison's team, Mrs. Mitchell warns her that he's a hard guy to work for, and that she's not likely to last long in the ...
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