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Relevance of the paint thinner episode in Hereditary?

In Ari Aster's Hereditary, there is one scene where Annie tries to explain why her relationship with Peter is fraught. She says that But I don't get what her sleepwalking has to do with the rest of ...
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1 answer

Was this a technical mistake in Hereditary?

In the film Hereditary, Anne finds her grandmother's books and flips through them to read up stuff about Paimon. We see this: Now this is an Indian script, possibly Devanagri or Gurmukhi. Paimon ...
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Why did Annie do this at the end of Hereditary?

At the end of the movie Hereditary (2018), leviating, Annie beheads herself with a piano wire in front of Peter. Why did she behead herself?
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Why do Joan and Annie's children have their names sewed on mats?

In Hereditary (2018), I noticed Joan and Annie's children have mats with their names sewed on them. Why do Joan and Annie's children have their names sewed on mats?
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2 answers

Why/how did Annie's father starve himself to death

In Hereditary, we learn from Annie that her father starved himself to death. I don't fully understand how that happened. Did he really have mental health problems, or did the cult/grandmother ...
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4 votes
2 answers

In Hereditary, how does Annie get into the attic?

At the end of Hereditary, there's a scene where Annie is banging her head on the attic door, then a few moments with Peter discovering things in the attic, then suddenly Annie appears floating at the ...
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Why wasn't Peter grandma's favourite?

Since grandma wanted to get in Peter (posess his body after she died), why was his sister her favourite (as stated by her mother) and not him? Why weren't they closer (like for example his sister was ...
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What happened with Steve and the sketchbook?

How / why did Steve catch on fire when Ann threw the sketchbook in the fireplace? Earlier in the movie, when she tried to burn the book (as instructed from reading the Spiritualism book), her arm ...
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