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Why is the disney logo in Hercules the cgi intro while the Emperor's New Groove uses older logo?

I was re-watching The Emperor's New Groove and noticed that it used the old Disney castle intro where the castle is filled in on a blue background from the top down. This is different than the Disney ...
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Do the characters in the Disney Hercules Movie know the Muses talk?

It sort of seems that they look their direction or "sing along" but I don't think they're fully acknowledged. Are they actually singing and narrating in-universe? Or is it like in some musicals where ...
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12 votes
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How did Hades not find out that Hercules was alive in 18 years?

I've noticed what seems to be a plot hole in the Disney version of the movie Hercules, and I'm hoping someone can fill it in with a logical explanation! So in the beginning of the movie, we have ...
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